Ruth- Registered Dental Assistant

Dental Assistant

Years of Experience   9

Certifications/Credentials     RDA, BLS, DANB

One professional (MVP) accomplishment

My family and my animals are my greatest accomplishments. I strive to help people and animals every day.  I have also graduated from college and became DANB and RDA certified.

Values and how they inform your career

I like knowing that when I come to work, I am helping patients have better smiles.

Outside of work

  • Family:  My daughter, Alice; my dogs, Foxy and Trigger; my cat, Pika; and my tortoise, Brunhilda
  • Hometown: McGregor, MN
  • Sports I play: Horseback Riding
  • Hobbies and interests: Horses, books, the ocean, sharks & animals
  • Favorite music: Country
  • Travel destinations: Any place that’s tropical
  • Side hustles I’m working on: My equine and canine massage therapy business